Ladies, just stick to the natural ways to lose weight like eating healthier foods and exercise. It it isn’t worth it.

Daily Mail – A young woman eager to achieve ‘the perfect body’ nearly died when she was hospitalised by diet pills she bought on Amazon.

Natalie Penney suffered uncontrollable shaking, profuse sweats and severe heart palpitations after taking the pills, before finally collapsing at home in Greater Manchester.

The pills caused lasting damage to her heart and she was forced to wear a heart monitor and attend a specialist clinic for the last two years.

Natalie, 24, said: ‘When I look back now, I can’t believe I was so stupid to take something that I knew nothing about.

‘The pills did initially “work” and gave me the body I’d wanted, but the side effects were horrific. I was sweating so badly I’d wear sanitary towels under my arms and I woke up every day with my heart racing.

‘I feel sick thinking of the danger I put myself in and I hope other girls realise that diet pills are a risk not worth taking.’

Natalie bought the diet pills from a private seller on Amazon after months of boozy nights out and takeaways left her feeling unhealthy and overweight.

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