When your kids ask you about why they shouldn’t do drugs, just show them this video. If this doesn’t scare them, I don’t know what will.

Daily Record – ONE tiny capsule of crystal MDMA, and one young life altered beyond recognition.

Amy Thomson’s speech is slow and slurred on the short video. “Thank you everyone,” the 16-year-old says, with some difficulty as she sits in a garden in the sunshine.

“Thanks for your support everyone.”

The drug has damaged Amy’s brain and the effects on her body are starkly clear. She sits in a wheelchair, her movements severely restricted.

But for Amy’s family, the brief clip they have shared publicly on Facebook is a wonderful sign of hope.

It shows how far she has come since she spent weeks in a coma, on life support. They are confident that, with the help of her doctors, she will make a great deal more progress.

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