This is shocking footage.

A mother was pushed to the ground and punched in the face by police officers while her young children watched after allegedly being pulled over for a seatbelt violation.

Cindy Hahn, 40, of Valencia, is suing the city of Carlsbad and a number of its police officers after the violent confrontation on July 31 in 2013.

She said the video recorded on ‘the worst day of her life’ shows her screaming ‘help me’ as one cop hits her in the face repeatedly while another pins her to the ground.

Hahn says her two children, aged seven and 11, screamed as they watched from the car – and her son remains traumatized.

‘The only thing that he’ll talk to me about is ‘I couldn’t protect you, Mom,’ she told

‘I could’ve. I could’ve got him off you. I could have helped you.’

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