Would you pay thousands of dollars for your kids to be exposed to this?

The Daily Caller – A recently published academic paper posits that gays and lesbians are overrepresented on college faculties — and in mortuaries, and in law offices — because gay people like to work alone but also possess high degrees of social acumen.

The paper, printed in Administrative Science Quarterly, is entitled “Concealable Stigma and Occupational Segregation: Toward a Theory of Gay and Lesbian Occupations.” The authors are Andras Tilcsik of the University of Toronto, Michel Anteby of Boston University and Carly R. Knight of Harvard University.

The goal of the paper is to explain why gay people appear to have a disproportionate presence in certain occupations, according to Inside Higher Ed.

The trio of professors behind the paper predicted that gay and lesbian workers value working by themselves because “they tend to see coworkers and supervisors as the most common source of potential mistreatment and discrimination in the workplace.”

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