It’s all fun and games until you’re so high that you break into a stranger’s house, strip naked, and assault some cops.

Total Frat Move –  A 20-year-old sorority member from Northern Arizona University had herself a nice little Friday last week. According to a report from the AZ Daily Sun, the girl entered a stranger’s apartment around 4 p.m., ran to his bedroom, jumped on the bed, stripped down naked, and began yelling “Am I pretty?” before refusing to leave. And that was just the beginning:

When officers arrived, they saw the suspect standing on an exterior second-floor balcony completely naked and yelling incoherently. She put on her underwear, then launched her body into an officer who was climbing the stairs toward her.

The officer was able to catch his balance and place the suspect in handcuffs. She struggled against the officer and yelled that she loved marijuana on her way to the patrol car. Inside, she managed to slip out of her handcuffs and started destroying the interior of the vehicle.

Officers interviewed other witnesses in the area. The witnesses said the suspect was at a nearby residence earlier in the afternoon, but had been kicked out for yelling disruptively without provocation. She ran to a second stranger’s residence, where she used a lawn chair to smash a window in an attempt to get inside. She then hit a Jeep parked outside with the same lawn chair. After that, she ran to the victim’s apartment. When officers retrieved her clothing, they found two of her pant pockets filled with marijuana.

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