Would you want a life like this? This lady is living a life most of us can’t even imagine.

Daily Mail – For a woman with billions in the bank, 37-year-old Kamaliya Zahoor is surprisingly fond of a bargain. ‘I spent £1,000 in Poundland once,’ she chirps. ‘It was fun!’

Kamaliya, a popstar and mother-of-two, is the chatelaine of no fewer than 10 homes and spends her days flitting from shops to recording studio and back again.

Married to billionaire British businessman, Mohammed, her world is one that could be justifiably described as gilded, with yachts, private planes and £60,000 shopping sprees all part of the deal.

And yet, Kamaliya says there is much more to her life than spending her 58-year-old husband’s money on her ever-growing wardrobe.

Right now, she says, the pivot around which her life revolves is her 15-month-old twin daughters, Arabella and Mirabella.

‘There isn’t a second of their lives that we don’t cherish,’ she explains. ‘I feel completely blessed that we were able to get the correct treatment in the US [the couple took 11 years to conceive] – the girls are now the centre of our world.

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