This is a sad story that brings to light the reality of suicide awareness. Apparently, this teacher was loved by many students at the school where she taught and showed no signs of depression.

Heavy – A beloved teacher at a California high school hanged herself to death in her classroom and was discovered by horrified students this morning as they arrived for class. Jillian Jacobson, 31, had worked for eight years as a photography instructor at El Dorado High School in the Orange County town of Placentia. Her students and colleagues described her in glowing, inspirational terms.

Students arriving for Jacobson’s first class of the day found the classroom locked and summoned another teacher to open it. When they were let into the room, students witnessed their teacher hanging from the ceiling, authorities told the LA Times. She was lowered to the floor before emergency services arrived. Jacobson left no note.

The OC Register quoted students who said Jacobson’s father had committed suicide, and she often discussed suicide awareness with her students. One of her students, Leo Amayas, told the Register that Jacobson “gave no signs of being depressed or sad.”

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