Make some time to take a walk through forest and get away from the concrete jungle – your body will thank you for it.

Earth Easy – As a result of studies involving 288 volunteers at 24 different sites, the group of volunteers looking at natural surroundings while sitting down showed the following endpoint decreases compared to the urban control group: a 13% decrease in cortisol level, an 18% decrease in sympathetic nerve activity, a 2% decrease in blood pressure, and a 6% decrease in heart rate. Parasympathetic nerve activity was enhanced by 56%, indicating a relaxed biological system.

Results compiled from several related studies (3,4,5) show a wide range of positive benefits from a walk in the woods. These benefits include:

  1. decreased blood glucose levels in diabetic patients
  2. decreased stress hormones
  3. decreased heart rate
  4. decreased blood pressure
  5. general relaxation of the human body (increased parasympathetic nervous system activity)
  6. possible boost to the immune system (reduced cortisol is associated with increased immune function)
  7. decreased depression
  8. decreased anger
  9. decreased fatigue and confusion
  10. increased psychological vigor

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