This is the teacher from hell. Some of the kids even had to go through professional counseling after watching the movie.

The Daily Caller – An elementary school teacher in a tiny town in west Texas resigned on Tuesday in response to sustained complaints from a throng of irate parents because she had showed her third-grade students a six-minute Travel Channel video called “Anabelle the Devil Doll.”

The teacher is Heather Anderson, formerly of New Home Elementary School in the town of New Home (pop. 334).

Anderson showed the video about the killer demon doll to eight- and nine-year-old students back in March, reports Lubbock NBC affiliate KCBD.

At the time, she allegedly asked her students not to tell their parents what had happened.

Anderson’s resignation followed several fiery school board meetings at which a number of parents expressed their outrage over the incident.

Angry parents said their children had difficulty sleeping at night after seeing the video and, in one instance, professional counseling was necessary.

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