I guess it’s just becoming a normal thing to beat up teachers, administrators, and coaches now. 

Daily Mail – A Tennessee high school’s football coach was assaulted in his office Tuesday, allegedly by a student who’d inquired about trying out for the team.

Ron Aydelott, head coach for the Riverdale High School Warriors in Murfreesboro for nearly ten years, suffered serious facial injuries in the attack, which will require surgery.

Witnesses said Aydelott in no way provoked the attack but that the 17-year-old alleged attacker became violent after he felt ‘disrespected,’ reports News Channel Five Network.

‘He basically just got attacked,’ principal Tom Nolan told the Daily News Journal. ‘The kid just went nuts on him. Coach Aydelott was sitting down at his desk and the guy just kept whaling on him.

‘He finally stopped. The kid then walked into the office, put his hands behind his back and surrendered.’

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