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She weighed the risks and decided that she wanted to live her life to the fullest. 

Mirror – A terminally-ill 22-year-old has told how she made the heartbreaking decision to turn down a new heart and lungs so she could be well enough to tick off her bucket list.

Channan Petrides, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, took herself off the transplant list after weighing up the hidden risks the operation would pose.

Doctors told her there was a chance she could die on the operating table, or her organs could fail after just six months.

Instead Channan, who has been told by doctors she has about one year to live, decided she wanted to make her time left the best it could be.

She said her loved ones struggled with her decision at first, with some refusing to speak to her, but they now fully support her decision.

“I know I’ve taken a massive risk but I want to enjoy the time I have left, rather than stick waiting to get a call that may never come,” Channan said.

“Nobody could say for sure that the transplant would work, and I wouldn’t have been able to do anything on my bucket list because of risk of infection.”

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