Do you have the mind of a dirty and evil politician? You can find out if you’re an expert at scheming with this quiz.

Daily Mail – Do you have what it takes to scheme your way to the top with the brutal force of Frank Underwood in House of Cards?

A 15-minute test could help you find out by measuring your dark, Machiavellian qualities against other personality traits.

The test provides 100 simple statements such as ‘I would be quite bored by a visit to an art gallery’ and ‘I feel reasonably satisfied with myself overall.’

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Honesty-Humility: People with very high scores in this area avoid manipulating others for personal gain, feel little temptation to break rules and are uninterested in lavish wealth.

But people with very low scores on this scale will flatter others to get what they want, are inclined to break rules for personal profit, are motivated by material gain, and feel a sense of self-importance.

Emotionality: Those with high scores on Emotionality experience fear of physical dangers, experience anxiety in response to life’s stresses, feel a need for emotional support from others, and feel empathy and sentimental attachments with others.

Conversely, persons with very low scores on this scale are not deterred by the prospect of physical harm, feel little worry even in stressful situations and have little need to share their concern.

Extraversion: High scores in this area have positively about themselves, feel confident when leading or addressing groups of people and enjoy social gatherings and interactions.

Those with low scores on this scale consider themselves unpopular, feel awkward when they are the center of social attention, are indifferent to social activities, and feel less lively and optimistic.

Agreeableness (versus Anger): Those with very high scores on the Agreeableness scale forgive the wrongs that they suffered, are lenient in judging others and are willing to compromise

Conversely, persons with very low scores on this scale hold grudges, are rather critical of others’ shortcomings, are stubborn in defending their point of view, and feel anger readily.

Conscientiousness: If you score high in this area you are organised with your and physical surroundings, work in a disciplined way toward their goals and strive for accuracy and perfection in their tasks, and deliberate carefully when making decisions.

But people with very low scores on this scale tend to be unconcerned with orderly surroundings or schedules, avoid difficult tasks or challenging goals and are satisfied with work with errors.

Openness to experience: Those with high scores become absorbed in the beauty of art and nature, are inquisitive about various domains of knowledge, use their imagination freely in everyday life, and take an interest in unusual ideas or people.

People with very low scores on this scale are rather unimpressed by most works of art, feel little intellectual curiosity, avoid creative pursuits, and feel little attraction toward ideas that are radical.

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