Did you know this was the inspiration for the movie ‘Fight Club’?

The LAD Bible – This legendary movie was an adaptation of a novel written by a frustrated freelance writer called Chuck Palahniuk. The inspiration for this bizarre storyline could have come straight from the movie itself. Chuck was on a camping holiday and was trying to have a peaceful, relaxed night. Some other campers were not so happy however and when Chuck approached them to request that they turn down their music, they decided to give him a good hiding.

The other people who were camping near us wanted to drink and party all night long, and I tried to get them to shut up one night, and they literally beat the crap out of me.I discovered that I’d never been in fights, and went, wow, that was sort of fun. That was a great release, and yeah, it hurts a little bit, but I lived through it. And it made me really curious about what I was capable of. And after that, if the opportunity arose, I didn’t hesitate to get in a fight. So through the writing of the book, there was a period where I was in fights pretty regularly. My friends never wanted to go out with me, because I was always looking.

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