I know one thing, this kid is meant to do something great in this world. Against all odds, this baby was brought back to life after the Doctor had told his parents that he had died. 

Daily Mail – First-time parents Kate and David Ogg were heartbroken when they were told one of their twins – born two minutes apart at just 26 weeks – had stopped breathing and had just moments to live.

Thinking it was the only time they would have with the tiny boy they had already decided to name Jamie, Kate asked to be able to hold the lifeless child, and told David to climb into the hospital bed for a tender embrace.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle.

In this mother’s loving arms, the little boy started moving, and his breathing grew stronger. Hospital staff rushed back to his aid and together brought the baby back to life.

Five years on, Jamie Ogg is a healthy, happy kid whose biggest problem regarding his troubled entry in the world is having a little brother who tells anyone who’ll listen that he used to be dead but now he’s alive.

After years of trying to fall pregnant, the Queensland couple were delighted to find out they were having twins – the ‘pigeon pair’ of a boy and girl.

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