As if police officers weren’t already up against some heat from the public, the Miami police department decided to do this. 

Daily Mail – A trailer for a failed reality series on the Miami police department has sparked outrage online over its sexist depiction of officers, including one female cop who is filmed sunbathing on the beach with a badge strapped to her bikini.

The video is allegedly for a reality series called ‘Miami Blue, the Real Miami Vice,’ which was never picked up for production.

The trailer for the series, however, got renewed attention this week when the president of the police union discovered it online.

Union president Lt Javier Ortiz remembers cameras following him around the Ultra music festival in 2013. He says that when he asked then police chief Manuel Orosa about the video, he was told that it was for ‘recruitment purposes’.

Orosa countered Ortiz’s statement, saying the video was never to meant to sell his department as sexy or glamorous. Instead, he says a local production company pitched him the idea of a new reality series and he agreed to let them shoot for a few days, in hopes that it would lead to a hefty donation to the Police Athletic League.

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