The Strategy Game – Stellaris Review

If you like the strategy games that you find in your mobile phone then you should try the upcoming remake of the old classic which is Stellaris. You can enjoy it all year round. If you want to get a quick overview about this new game, here are some things you should know about it.

The strategy in Stellaris is based on the construction of armies. However, when you start the game you can build only small fleets of ships. At first you can only produce a handful of ships but later on you can build large fleets with more weapons and additional crew. These huge fleets can conquer any planet they want.

When you conquer star systems you will gain resources. These resources are needed for your empire to grow. If you don’t have enough resources you will lose everything in your star system. They are called money or “Minerals” in the game.


This new strategy game has a neat feature called space warfare. Since it is based on naval combat, you will need to learn how to maneuver your fleet and plan your attacks in advance.

If you want to attack another ship in space you will need to approach them from behind, that is where the tactic comes in. You need to use long range weapons to take down enemy ships. This will give you enough time to escape.

Since the new strategy game has less features compared to the original version of this game, you need to adapt. Keep in mind that in the first version the only way to get money was by mining. That is not the case in the new version. You can now also capture enemy colonies.

If you want to be a better player in the new strategy game, you need to study other players’ strategies. You can also learn their tactics by watching replays and analyzing their play. Most of the new strategies are based on simple logic.

Don’t get frustrated if you make some strategic decisions that you don’t expect. It is not a good thing to get discouraged because you made a wrong decision, especially in a strategy game.