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If you ever wondered how celebs manage to look almost unreal, know that their pictures aren’t actually real.

Daily Mail – Getting a slim figure to show off to your social media followers demands an iron will and a gruelling exercise routine.

Or you could just press a few buttons on a smartphone app.

There is now a raft of cheap, easy-to-use software that automatically manipulates photos to make their subjects look thinner. And even celebrities, it seems, aren’t immune.

But the so-called ‘skinny filter’ apps can leave telltale signs – and when you’re sharing the images with millions of fans on Instagram or Twitter, chances are that someone will spot them.

That was the case when selfie-obsessed Karen Danczuk posted images on Twitter which showed not only that she looked thinner … but so too did the lightshade in the background, prompting accusations that the whole image had been squeezed.

Popular apps include Facetune, Beauty Mirror, Spring and SkinneePix, which has the slogan ‘it’s our little secret’ and claims to ‘make your selfies look five, 10 or 15lb skinnier in two quick clicks’.

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