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You won’t believe how much it was bought for and how much it’s worth.

Daily Mail – From afar, the picture looks likes a genteel group taking part in the upper-class pastime of croquet, but upon closer examination it becomes obvious that this lot would never get an invitation to the country club.

The photo was recently authenticated as the second known picture of Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid – the gunslinger who claimed to have killed 21 men and who was the most notorious member of the Regulators gang.

The journey to get the picture authenticated will now be the focus of a National Geographic special that airs this Sunday and details the years of hard work it took to prove that it was indeed the famous outlaw in the photograph, ending with a dramatic piece of evidence that required finding a remote schoolhouse and tearing away at the building’s siding to match the photo.

The work paid off however, as the photo – which sold for less than a dollar at a junk shop in 2010 – is now worth a staggering $5million.

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Here is the picture…

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