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Sociopaths like this chick have nothing better to do than steal identities from people they are obsessed with. This is some creepy crap.

Daily Mail – A married 25-year-old has spoken of her horror after her life was stolen by a mystery woman in a bid to attract unsuspecting men.

Ruth Palmer found that nearly 1,000 of her images and real details about her life had been used to set up a host of Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The 25-year-old discovered the ‘catfish’ –  an Internet scammer who fabricates online identities and entire social circles to trick people into romantic relationships – had been using her details for three years.

Using the fake name Leah Palmer she duped two men into believing they were in a relationship with the brunette.

The imposter even set up fake accounts for her mother and friends to make the social media profiles appear more realistic.

When Mrs Palmer complained to the social networks, they shut down the accounts.

But just days later, more false profiles  were set up.

Mrs Palmer, who is married and from Brighton, East Sussex, now fears the perpetrator has become ‘obsessed’ with her life.

‘It is horrible and I just can’t understand what must be going through this person’s head to do this,’ she said.

‘It has been horrific for me, my family, friends and husband.

‘I am now fearful of whoever this is as they are seemingly not able to stop this and nothing seems to deter them.

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See some of her pictures here…

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