For all the bacon lovers out there, you’re gonna be really happy about this news.

Nextshark – Actually, bacon still destroys hearts (and possibly semen, says Harvard), but it does contain niacin, a.k.a vitamin B3, a compound that actually lowers cholesterol and is used to lower the risk of heart attack and coronary artery disease.

Niacin also “tricks the body into believing that it is exercising,” according to the study, and promotes the production of free radicals, which the study claims is a good thing.

The study was conducted by ETH Zurich through feeding roundworms niacin. The roundworms that were fed niacin lived 10% longer than the control selections. Ten percent of a month (the average roundworm lifespan) is three days — for humans, 10% could mean 10 more years of life.

So the worms lived longer, and science suggests that more niacin for humans might have the same effect.

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