Do you think they bullied her child or did they just not know?

Daily Mail – A Missouri mother believes her three-year-old daughter with special needs was discriminated against after finding out the child was forced to take off her thick glasses for a school portrait.

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Abby Lubiewski was born with Hallerman-Streiff, a rare genetic syndrome that resulted in congenital cataracts. She can only perceive light and dark when she’s not wearing her specs.

‘She has no vision at all without her glasses,’ her mother Amanda Lubiewski told Fox 2 Now.

When Lubiewski received her daughter Abby’s photographs, she immediately saw that her child’s smile was strained.

‘I knew then that she couldn’t see,’ she said. ‘And I couldn’t quite comprehend what would be going through someone’s mind to ask her to take those off.’

Lubiewski wrote a post on Facebook about how her daughter ‘loves her glasses’ and ‘needs them to function to the best of her ability,’ Yahoo! Parenting reported.

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