Tom Brady is having some serious ball problems.

Daily Mail – New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may soon be suspended for his role in Deflategate, it has been reported.

Speaking to Bleacher Report about Brady’s potential suspension, a source said suspension is ‘definitely on the table. Not set but could be part of the mix. All options are on the table.’

The Patriots could also be punished, the source told the sports news outlet.

The source explained to Bleacher Report that disciplinary action could be taken against the team because a precedent has already been set by the NFL’s commissioner, Roger Goodell.

The media outlet cited Goodell’s remarks in response to two other NFL scandals — namely ‘Bountygate’ surrounding the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons artificial crowd noise controversy — when he said higher-ups ought to have known about the cheating.

The news comes as it’s been revealed that two New England Patriots employees at the center of the Deflategate scandal traded texts about sticking needles into balls for quarterback Tom Brady.

The incriminating messages came to light after the NFL published a lengthy investigation into the controversy, and concluded that it is likely Brady knew of and condoned the scheme to let down the air pressure of NFL balls to gain a competitive advantage.

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