Next time you should run your jokes by a few people before airing them, David. 

Daily Mail – David Letterman stunned his Late Show audience into silence with a joke which has been branded as ‘disrespectful to women’.

The veteran host was attempting to warm up the studio audience ahead of his show on Monday when he made the off-colour gag.

Letterman had just opened up questions to the floor, and fielded the first query of the night from a college employee, reported the New York Post.

They asked what advice the scandal-hit comic would give to this year’s graduates.

Letterman, who was in 2009 forced to admit to string of affairs, said: ‘Treat a lady like a wh–e, and a wh–e like a lady.’

But the joke received a frosty reception from the shocked crowd.

After being met with stunned silence, the host attempted to recover by offering further advice to graduates to ‘eat salad’ and ‘always be nice’.

However, several audience members at the Ed Sullivan Theater were furious over the sexist joke.

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