Why was stick-thin ever in style to begin with? These ladies are reclaiming fashion for the everyday woman.

Daily Mail – Since Kate Moss first appeared in a Levi’s campaign in 1991, the trend in fashion has been for a waif-like body.

But in the last couple of years, a new breed has started to creep into the world of fashion – the plus size star.

In the last eight weeks alone, a UK size 16 model has posed for the first time in the Swimwear Issue of Sports Illustrated and 2015’s Pirelli calendar featured a UK size 18 woman.

The arrival of the plus size woman has been heralded as a new era for the average woman, who would prefer to see their favourite clothing store showcase their items on a body they can relate to.

The affection form the general public is forcing the fashion industry to sit up and take notice as people flock in their hundreds of thousands to follow their favourite curvy female on social media, making them an advertiser’s dream.

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