Ronda Rousey dominated in the UFC Championship on Saturday night. Check it out…

Cat Zingano was shattered. Whatever pain was throbbing in the shoulder Ronda Rousey had just pulverized with a devastating armbar 14 seconds into their championship bout at UFC 184 Saturday night was the least of it. This was the fight she’d waited her entire life for, and it was over before she could breathe, much less brawl. She was supposed to be Rousey’s toughest challenger to date, and the fight was short enough to turn into a Vine. The sport needed this. She needed this. Rousey needed this. Zingano couldn’t deliver.

She knelt to the ground, shaking her head. What in the hell had just happened?

“I was just stunned and speechless and caught in that moment,” Zingano said.

Rousey had uncoiled with such fury and ferocity, it felt like the entire sellout crowd at Staples Center had just been in a violent car accident together. The kind of wreck that happens so fast, all you remember afterward is the adrenaline that surged at the moment of impact and coursed through your veins while your ears kept ringing.

Fourteen seconds, but man, what a 14 seconds …

“There’s very few situations where a fight goes 14 seconds where the crowd is cheering and going crazy and looking at each other with their mouths open,” UFC president Dana White said.

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