Bill Murray made a memorable appearance on MSNBC after having some drinks with David Letterman. 

Daily Mail – Bill Murray was a little unsteady on his feet on Tuesday night when stopped by the MSNBC studios for The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.

As the show cut to a break, the 64-year-old actor was seen wobbling off a tall chair and crashing to the studio floor just as cameras were panning away.

In a hilarious interview after the mishap the Groundhog Day star slurred to O’Donnell: ‘I just did the Letterman Show, then went to dinner and had oysters, rosé wine, red wine and duck.’

‘And then I rushed here to do your show because Jim said that you wanted him to come on the show and “would you mind coming”.

‘I said, you know, I think you’re doing great… so when he said come, it wasn’t a question’

Murray’s spontaneous jaunt had come after he appeared as David Letterman’s last guest on his penultimate Late Show.

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