This guy had quite an experience at a bar when a chick starting puking all over him. What would you have done?

Here’s what happened: Went out last night and was standing at the bar. Random girl to my left, my buddy to my right. So we are waiting for our drinks when something wet hit me on the left side of my face. I didn’t react, just assumed someone spilled their drink and a little bit splashed on me, no biggie, it happens. But then my buddy starts freaking out, and I was like yea what was that? He’s like viciously staring at the person next to me so I turn around and this chick is just frothing puke from the mouth. It’s all over her face like a rabid dog, all over the bar, and then I notice hey cool, it’s all over me too. It’s on my face, its down my shirt, it’s in my ear. No gas, I can still feel it in my ear. I’m fairly sure it’s in my ear forever. Then the bartender turned around from making the drinks and I’m fairly sure she just quit right there on the spot. Like fuck this shit, I’m out. It smelled like a poop took a shit and then came out of a fat girl’s mouth.

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