This chick got more than just a Margarita. Watch you drinks closely and leave them unattended, ladies. 

A woman was found inside a cardboard box, wearing nothing but a shirt outside a landfill after her margarita was allegedly spiked in a Texas night club.

The Hispanic woman, in her 30s, was found outside the refuse site in the city of Irving after spending the evening at Angels Grill & Bar in Dallas.

She was drunk and had trouble walking through the parking lot after leaving the club, police said, and vanished with a man she had met that night after a friend left her to get her car.

When she came back five minutes later to take them home, both her friend and the man had vanished.

She was next seen at the landfill site in Irving, nine miles away.

While the woman cannot remember anything about what happened next, police believe she may have been raped.

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Pictured: Snooki from MTV’s Jersey Shore, not the woman in the story.