Now this is what you call a negotiation. Thankfully, the man surrendered in the end. But who wouldn’t when you involve pizza?

Spectrum – On Monday of this week, a man threatening to jump from a Silicon Valley freeway overpass peacefully turned himself in to police, after a robot intervened in what had been a more than five-hour standoff.


“Negotiaters attempted to talk to him via a remote PA system, but that is not the optimal way of talking to him, so the decision was made to deliver a phone to him. The safest way to do that and not cause confrontation was to use a robot.

“[Because] delivering food is a way of encouraging someone to do something we want them to do, we sent pizza with phone. We [instructed the subject] that if he wanted the pizza released, to pick up the phone. The robot was holding the pizza, it released the pizza once the subject picked up phone to talk to negotiators.”

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