This three year old girl couldn’t be treated with anything for her seizures, until she started taking medical marijuana.

UNILAD – Three-year-old toddler Addyson Benton was suffering 100 seizures every day and her parents travelled 1,200 miles in order to seek help for their child.

Addyson was diagnosed with Intractable Myoclonic Epilepsy when she was just nine months old and, although doctors tried 10 types of medication, nothing was a success.

In response, Heather and Adam Benton made the decision to relocate from Ohio to Colorado where marijuana is legal.

Adysson was prescribed an oil derivative of marijuana which is low in THC, the chemical that produces the high.

Within just six hours of being treated with the oil, Adysson’s parents noticed significant improvements and her seizures eventually dropped to only three a day.

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