This will definitely get your emotions going. 

Daily Mail – A woman posing for photographs with Santa Claus at a mall this week was stunned to realize her Marine husband was there, too.

Kellie Allen was with her husband’s family at the Mall at Wellington Green in Florida for the photo session, WPTV reported.

Santa Claus was filmed asking her: ‘If you could have anything for Christmas, what would you ask for?’

‘For my husband to come home,’ Kellie said.

‘Where is your husband?’ Santa Claus was taped asking.

‘He’s in California,’ Kellie said.

‘Oh, wow,’ Santa Claus replied.

Her husband, though stationed across the country, slipped in as the photo session was underway, WPTV reported.

After looking at the photo, Kellie put a hand to her head and was filmed saying ‘Oh, my God!’ – shocked by her husband’s presence.

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