I thought public schools were supposed to be encouraging free thought?

Conservative Tribune – An 11-year-old boy from Raleigh, North Carolina, got to see liberal hate firsthand when he expressed support for billionaire businessman Donald Trump during a class assignment.

The student, only known as “Matthew,” called conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh Thursday and told him he attended a very liberal private school and one of his assignments last week was to answer the following question: “Beside Martin Luther King, who are some visionaries who are in the world?”

While others wrote down such answers like Rosa Parks and Abraham Lincoln, Matthew said he wrote down Donald Trump’s name. The next day, Matthew said the teacher pulled him aside and told him to erase the comment. When he asked why she asked, “What good has he done for this world?”

Matthew said he told his teacher Trump has “created his businesses, and he’s built magnificent buildings in many countries in the world, and he’s actually running for president while he’s actually stating his ideas.”

The teacher still insisted Matthew erase his comment. The boy told Limbaugh he “got mad after that.” But that wasn’t the end of his problems. After that incident, Matthew said he had become target at school with schoolmates telling him, “Donald Trump’s sucks and you do too.”

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