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Neither of them could believe that this was real. This woman never thought that the homeless man she saw everyday would turn out to be who he really was.

Daily Mail – An Idaho woman got the shock of a lifetime when she discovered her biological father after a 20 year search.

Shoshannah Hensley, 23, was working Sunday night at the Exxon station in Post Falls, Idaho, when a homeless man she had seen around town came in and inquired how much money was left on his food stamp card.

She took the card to check, and after looking at it and asking the man his middle name told him: ‘You’re my biological father! I’ve been searching for you for over 20 years.’

‘As far as I knew he was just another gentleman on the streets coming in to the store,’ Hensley told KHQ of the man with the large cowboy hat she had seen many times before Sunday.

And the father was just as excited as his daughter for the two to finally be reunited after all these years.

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