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You go girl! Valentine Thomas doesn’t just have looks to kill, she actually does kill – and she is pretty good at it.

Daily Mail – A glamorous spearfishing huntress dubbed a ‘killer’ by animal rights activists and a ‘slut’ by sexist men has hit out at the abuse she faces for pursuing her dream.

In her spare time, City worker Valentine Thomas, a Canadian who lives in London, swaps a power suit for a speargun and snorkel, travelling the world in search of her next big catch.

The world record holder, 28, documents her passion in striking photos she posts on social media – which prompt positive, but also sexist and abusive comments.

‘People call me a killer,’ Miss Thomas told MailOnline. ‘I face sexism, I face a lot of hate, but I have also had marriage proposals.’ (Daily Mail)

Check out her pictures…

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