This 21 year old chick helped to make sure this low life wouldn’t do this on the Metro again.

Viral Thread – Looking up and seeing a man touching himself on the Metro, Camille shamed the man by putting his picture on Facebook along with a post displaying her anger. She returned home that night to find her post being shared across Paris and beyond and hundreds of similar stories in her inbox from fed-up Parisians. Her post read…

“When he was masturbating, the guy was staring at me in the window of the metro, not directly at me. Damn it. Yesterday, I was assaulted in the metro by some asshole, he was so close to me I grabbed him by the neck and today!!! I was watching a video on my phone and I saw him masturbating when I looked up! I talked to him, he said nothing, and ran away. WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM???? Yesterday I was wearing jeans and boots and today I was wearing a long skirt… I never make eye contact with them. What’s wrong with respect?? Is it because that I’m a woman that I have to experience your evil perversity every day? I’m tired of living in this city.”

While the picture was hastily deleted by Facebook for its explicit content, the police contacted her through Facebook and had identified the perpetrator the following day.

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