Whatever drugs these chicks are on must be really strong.

Daily Mail – Sian Jameson is a little breathless as she describes her first night of passion with her lover. ‘He knew instinctively what I wanted and I didn’t have to say or do anything,’ says the 25-year-old from North London.

‘He was very handsome, with beautiful hazel eyes and, as we made love, he stroked my body tenderly and I could feel the weight of him pressing down on me.

‘His body felt incredibly light. The whole encounter lasted an hour and afterwards he whispered: “That was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.”

‘As we drifted off to sleep in one another’s arms, a voice in my head kept asking: “Is this really happening?” ’

Sian had reason to question her experience. Because, incredibly, she claims that Robert was a ‘ghost’ — an amorous apparition of an artist who had died more than 100 years ago.

‘Some people look at me as if I’ve gone mad. My family don’t know anything about it, but then what woman feels comfortable discussing her love life with her parents anyway?’

Her story sounds implausible, but over many centuries there are legends of spirits having sex with humans in Christian, Greek, Jewish and Celtic folklore dating back to 2400 BC.

In modern cinema, Demi Moore got intimate with her dead partner played by Patrick Swayze, and in Ghostbusters, Dan Aykroyd’s character was pleasured by a spectre.

Aykroyd — and celebrities including Charlie’s Angel actress Lucy Liu and the late Anna Nicole Smith — have described what they claim are real-life sexual encounters with apparitions. The phenomenon is called spectrophilia — sexual attraction to ghosts.

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