Florida is already climbing the charts with freaky news, as usual, and it’s only March.

If you want to have a front row seat to the weirdest news in the country, or maybe even become the news, you should definitely move to Florida. Via Bro Bible.

Man Shot Sister In The Buttocks For Baking Him A Penis Cake

“It was Christopher Taft’s birthday and his family celebrated the festive occasion with a bit of shenanigans, a cake in the shape of a penis. Despite his sister working very hard on that cock cake for Christopher’s bday, he went bananas over it.”

Drunk Couple Passed Out In Dumpster After Casino Bender, Had To Be Rescued From Garbage Truck

A Tampa Bay couple had to be rescued from the back of a garbage truck after they got hammered at a casino and passed out in a dumpster.

Florida Man Turns Backyard Into Shooting Range Because Pools Are For Pussies

“An old high school teacher of mine always used to say “nimby” when discussing current events. It was short for “not in back yard.” He would use the phrase to explain how people wanted a million things — faster highways, more shopping centers, bigger buildings — just as long as it wasn’t anywhere near their own house.

‘Church’ Loses Its Tax-Exempt Status After Being Outed As Nightclub Throwing Naked Paint Parties

A ‘church’ in Panama City Beach, Florida has lost its tax-exempt status after authorities discovered it to be nothing more than a nightclub throwing naked paint parties and spring break ragers.

Local authorities began to take notice of the ‘church’ known as The Life Center when it began promoting itself as ‘Amnesia: The Tabernacle’.

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