XCOM 2 Strategy Game – Game Review

Strategy games are known for their strategic and overall ability to put you in the place you need to be for you to win. XCOM 2 is like no other, you know this because it’s such a great game.

The story of XCOM is about a group of soldiers being sent to an alien planet and you get recruited into the alien alien’s world, this is where the strategy is. You have to make sure you gather all the resources and get rid of all the enemies. The overall goal is to use the resources to build up a force to fight and defeat the aliens in the battle zone.

The controls of XCOM are extremely well done. They can be easy to get used to if you are not familiar with strategy games. I found the combat part to be very challenging, but once I did it I was really good at it. The game does use the mouse for most of the controls so if you are not a mouse person and do not wish to use it, it will not work for you.

The storyline of XCOM 2 is very deep and makes you think. The game has some cool twists to it and keeps you on your toes from start to finish. The storyline is set on a world called Earth, the people living on this planet are under attack by alien forces.

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You are the military commander for the people of the planet and are tasked to go into battle to rescue them and bring peace to the planet. This is where the tactics comes in because you have to balance your attacks and what your team is up against.

The side quests, which are always a good thing, make things even more challenging for you. These side quests are always fun and the people are always out to find out something or to kill somebody.

Sometimes the enemies will try to kill you, sometimes they will try to help you and sometimes they will put you in a place that you do not want to be. It will make your game turn out to be a little difficult if you do not do the side quests properly.

The storyline of XCOM 2 is very interesting and lets you get involved in the game. The control aspect of the game is also great because you do not feel as if you are just playing a game.