One of the most memorable and iconic moments on the big screen was from the 80’s movie, “When Harry Met Sally”. Now, Billy Crystal is revealing the story behind the famous scene.

Today – It’s the most memorable scene from 1989’s “When Harry Met Sally” — heck, it’s one of the most memorable scenes to ever hit the big screen — but few fans knew what was really behind the “I’ll have what she’s having” moment that saw Meg Ryan deliver a very public and very fake orgasm — until now.

On Monday morning, actor-comedian Billy Crystal visited TODAY and revealed just how it all came about.

“It started in rehearsal, where Nora Ephron, who was so great, said to Rob (Reiner), ‘You know, women fake orgasms,'” Crystal recalled. “He was, like, shocked — ‘Well, they haven’t faked one with me!'”

But Reiner’s incredulous response didn’t deter the film’s leads.

“In the rehearsal, Meg said, ‘I should fake one. I should fake it in a public place,’ And I said, ‘Yeah, like a restaurant with a lot of people,” Crystal explained. “And she said, ‘I’ll give a huge one.’ And I said, ‘And then there should be an older woman who says, ‘Waiter, I’ll have what she’s having.'”

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