Don’t watch if you’re afraid of heights.

Daily Mail – This breathtaking video captures the moment a cyclist traverses an almost-vertical rock face to conquer the world’s most dangerous trail – before making a return journey.

Michal Kollbek was filmed defying gravity as he made his way over the famed White Line in Sedona – a near impossible route carved into a rock in Arizona.

The stunning one-minute clip was filmed using a drone flying overhead and sees Polish rider Kollbek gradually make his way along the path with Red Rock State Park seen in the background.

The entire clip was shot from a drone that showed how Kollbek went all the way across the rock face, turned, and then came all the way back, completing the trip without any problems.

Kollbek, 30, has had practice with extreme stunts before and the Polish rider has claimed numerous downhill racing titles.

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