Everyone needs their big break, right? Here are some stars that started out on the small screen…in commercials, that is. 

Anne Hathaway

32-year-old brunette beauty Anne Hathaway may have won an Oscar for her role in Les Misérables, but before Hollywood blockbusters were a regular part of her schedule she was starring in adverts for regional phone company, Cincinatti Bell.

Naomi Watts 

Almost unrecognisable sporting an uncontrollable perm, the Mulholland Drive and King Kong actress Naomi Watts starred in an Australian advert for Tampax tampons in the Eighties. 

Brad Pitt 

Before he became a hot commodity in Hollywood and one half of the power couple that is ‘Brangelina’, Brad Pitt, now 51, was out patrolling the streets looking for Pringle-popping ladies to impress, or so this commercial shows.

Brad sports a golden tan and cavorts with his ‘jock’ friends in a yellow convertible; he would have been about 25 years of age. With no dialogue, Brad can only showcase his acting prowess by munching the crisps in a ecstatic manner.

Demi Moore 

Before 52-year-old Ghost actress Demi Moore had the Hollywood body everyone aspired to achieve, she starred as a less polished youth in sultry Coca Cola adverts.

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