People usually, not always, learn how to drink through trial and error. Like the next morning when you wake up in your friend’s bath tub with a pounding headache, you probably won’t be doing what you did the night before again. But for those who still don’t understand from experience, here are some pointers on how to stop drinking like a college freshman. 

By Whiskey Ginger, Bro Bible

Veterans Know The Value Of Pacing

The people who tell you that drinking as much as you can as fast as you can until you no longer function is sound strategy are the kind of people that ate more than their fair share of glue as a kid. That’s a good way to end up in the hospital or with your friends caring for your incredibly amateur ass for the entire night.

Put Down The Lighter Fluid

I don’t mean actual lighter fluid — that stuff is awesome. I mean that “vodka” you’ve been drinking since the first weekend of school that hibachi restaurants use to clean their grills because it’s cheaper than isopropyl alcohol.

Beer For Games, Liquor For The Game

If you want a quiet night in with friends or a good drink that won’t kill you over ten games of pong, drink beer. If you want to get “I don’t know who I am anymore” plastered, drink liquor.

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